Kurdistan sets a new record of COVID-19 daily case count


Shafaq News / Kurdistan sets today, Wednesday, a new domestic record in COVID-19 cases in a single day with 1078, while registering 15 mortalities from the complications of the virus.


A statement by the Ministry said that over the past 24 hours, it had conducted 6,132 test, of which 1078 has turned positive. The confirmed cases were distributed among the governorates as follows:


Erbil 422

Al-Sulaymaniyah 100


Garmyan 24




Duhok 471


Halabja 37


375 patients have achieved full recovery according to the statement, distributed as follows:


Erbil 143


Al-Sulaymaniyah 33


Garmyan 29


Duhok 149


Halabja 21


The fifteen deaths were distributed:


Erbil 500


Al-Sulaymaniyah 3


Duhok 5


Halabja 2


Since the outbreak of the virus in the region, 64,823 people have contracted the virus, 38,561 patients have recovered and another 2,226 passed away from its complications.

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