Kurdistan’s Prime Minister: to reject oppression, occupation and subservience


Shafaq News / Kurdistan’s Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani on Friday issued a statement on the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the Uprising of 1991 against the former Iraqi regime, after which the Kurds establish the “Kurdistan Region”.

Barzani said in a statement, "The March uprising in 1991 was one of the great achievements and pride of the people of Kurdistan, and the outcome of the unity of all components of the people of Kurdistan, along with the Kurdish forces and parties, to reject oppression, occupation and subservience."

"The March uprising was a historic mark for the revolution and struggle of the liberation movement of the people of Kurdistan, and it resulted in the establishment of a federal entity for the Kurdistan Region…, every individual and all parties and components in Kurdistan to defend the national achievements and the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan… to preserve the noble values ​​of the March Uprising and to consolidate the principles of peaceful coexistence, tolerance, peace and humanity for the people of Kurdistan.” He added.

He said, "Let the memory of the uprising be an incentive to support the Kurdistan Regional Government, so that it can fully implement its reform program, and provide more services to all the people of Kurdistan."

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