Kurdistan's President: we must prepare together for the challenges of the next stage


Shafaq News/Kurdistan's President, Nechirvan Barzani, congratulated on Tuesday on the success of the elections.

In a message on this occasion, Barzani said, "I congratulate everyone for the success of the general elections for the Parliament. Iraq and the Kurdistan Region have entered a new stage. Whatever the final results will be, everyone is victorious, and we must prepare together for common tasks and responsibilities and the challenges of the next stage."

He added, "the unity of the ranks, cohesion, and solidarity are keys to our victory that will achieve the constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region and protect the gains, the federal system, and its political entity."

 "All Kurdish forces must work as one in the present and for a better future of Kurdistan and Iraq and cooperate with the Iraqi forces and parties to achieve this."

"All the Iraqi political forces and parties, we must solve the country's problems by the constitution and with a new and realistic vision, reading and understanding, and benefiting from the experiences and mistakes of the past, working for a stable and prosperous Iraq in which the constitutional rights of all components are guaranteed and protected. Therefore, all will gather on trust, solidarity, common destiny, cooperation, the general interest of the country, true partnership, consensus, and equality." He said.

Barzani added, "I would like to thank the citizens, all the political forces and parties, the administrative and security institutions, the media and civil society, who helped make the elections a success." 

"II thank and bless the efforts of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq, the local and foreign observers, the United Nations teams, especially the head and team of UNAMI in Iraq, and the European Union and the League of Arab States, who watched the voting process which took place safely."

On the other hand, the Kurdish President said, "The rate of citizens' participation in voting represents a clear message from citizens looking forward to life, well-being, and more services. This should be a lesson for all of us in the government, forces, and political parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to proceed to a serious review and rebuilding of trust."

"It is time to work together to form a federal national government that reflects the demands and aspirations of the citizen, implement the constitution, strengthen state institutions, control the factions and armed forces, and correct the political process based on the constitution and partnership among all components of Iraq." The head of the Region concluded.

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