Kurdistan’s President expresses full support for the journalists on Kurdish Journalism Day

Kurdistan’s President expresses full support for the journalists on Kurdish Journalism Day

Shafaq News/ Kurdistan’s President, Nechirvan Barzani congratulated on Thursday the journalists on the Kurdish Journalism Day.

The Statement 

On the occasion of the 123d anniversary of Kurdish Journalism Day and the 23d anniversary of the founding of Kurdistan Journalists’ Union, I extend my congratulations to all journalists and Kurdistan Journalists’ Union and wish them success. We express our full support for the journalists and reiterate our firm belief in free media and freedom of expression as the main pillars of any free and democratic society.

It is essential that journalists are protected in their profession and enjoy unrestrained access to sources of information, which will enable them to effectively contribute to the formation of public opinion and to monitor public institutions.

We truly expect that journalists conform to their professional and ethical standards and responsibilities. We hope that the media and journalists remain a reliable source of information and knowledge while they also seek to preserve peace and stability of society and promote the highest national interests. In case of a legal suit, journalists should have their cases determined in accordance with the existing press laws in the Kurdistan Region.

We applaud the important contributions of the national and international groups in their monitoring role of the free media and freedom of expression in the Kurdistan Region. Their reports contribute to the preservation of hard won freedoms in Kurdistan.

On this occasion, I express my deep concern over the irresponsible media in general and social media in particular, which continue to harm the social fabric of Kurdistan and exacerbate political divisions.

We welcome the Kurdistan Region Parliament’s decision to recognize April 22 as the Kurdish Journalists Day. On this day, we salute the memory of the renowned literary figure, Miqdad Medhat Baderkhan and all the fallen journalists who sacrificed their lives in pursuit of truth and a free press in Kurdistan.

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