Kurdistan's MoH issues a new protocol to curb the emergence of a "severely hazardous" variant of COVID-19


Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan rolled a list of instructions for citizens residing in India and wishing to come back to the region.

The list, according to a statement of the Ministry, is aimed at preventing the emergence and the spread of the "severely hazardous" Indian variant of COVID-19 in the region.

Arrivals from India, according to the Ministry, must undergo a PCR test and stay in quarantine for two weeks.

Those who test positive for the virus must be admitted to Specialized quarantine centers and initiate the proper treatment protocols if necessary.

The Ministry said that those who test negative for the virus in the first time shall repeat the test one week later. If their PCR result turns negative again, they continue the quarantine for another week under the supervision of specialized Healthcare teams.

"by the end of the second week, they shall undergo another test at home under full personal protection protocols," the Ministry added.

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