Kurdistan’s Barzani: to work together for a better future


Shafaq News / Kurdistan’s President Nechirvan Barzani said, on Thursday, that Iraqi–Kurdish Autonomy Agreement of 1970 is the first official Kurdish document in modern history, which forced the Iraqi government to grant autonomy to Kurdistan.

Barzani added in a statement, "Today we salute and honor the 51st anniversary of 1970 March Agreement, which was the outcome of the great September revolution and the continuous struggle and high will of the people of Kurdistan led by the immortal Barzani."

"Using force and withdrawing from the March 11 agreement by the Iraqi government has increased the wars, destruction and disasters in Iraq, so let us take lessons from history when commemorating this memory and adhere to the constitution, partnership and cooperation between us to solve all problems, restore security, stability, development and ensure a better future." He stressed.

Iraqi–Kurdish Autonomy Agreement of 1970 (or the Iraqi–Kurdish peace talks or the 1970 Peace Accord) was an agreement, which the Iraqi government and the Kurds reached March 11, 1970, in the aftermath of the First Iraqi–Kurdish War, for the creation of an Autonomous Region, consisting of the three Kurdish governorates and other adjacent districts that have been determined by census to have a Kurdish majority. The plan also gave Kurds representation in government bodies, to be implemented in four years. For its time it was the most serious attempt to resolve the long-running Iraqi–Kurdish conflict.

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