Kurdistan parliament discusses the duties of the patient and postpones the vote over abortion right


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Parliament held during its regular session today, Thursday, the second reading of six articles of the proposed law (Rights and duties of the patient in Kurdistan Region), while the discussion of Article Seven on the issue of the right of a pregnant woman to abort her fetus in case of illness was postponed for further discussion with specialists and clergy, due to the sensitivity of the subject from the religious, humanitarian and social point of view. 

According to a statement of the Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament received by Shafaq News agency, the parliament held the second regular session for the fall today, Thursday, headed by Rewas Fayaq, in the presence of her deputy, Hayman Hawrami, and Parliament Secretary, Mona Nabi Qahwaji.

He explained that the program was based around one point, which is the second reading of the proposed law (rights and duties of the patient in Kurdistan Region) in accordance with the provisions of Articles 87, 88 and 89 of the internal system of Kurdistan Parliament.

The statement noted that about Article Seven of the proposed law on fetal abortion by a pregnant woman during her illness and due to the sensitivity of the topic, the discussion was done behind closed doors, pointing out that in order to study the article extensively by members from all its aspects (religious, humanitarian and social), the Speaker of Parliament suspended the session is to give a greater opportunity to the specialized committee to consult experts and clerics.

The statement continued that the aim of issuing this proposed law is to protect the rights of the patient and define his duties, to create the physical, mental and psychological health requirements for individuals and the entire population of Kurdistan Region and activate the role of the government and health institutions in caring and developing the spirit of responsibility in a manner consistent with the progress of the era and contemporary scientific and medical progress.

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