Kurdistan is an important factor to the stability of the region, Barzani said


Shafaq News / Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani met, on Wednesday, with accredited consuls, heads of missions and diplomats.

Barzani shed light on strength of economic recovery and the Government’s reform program which includes increasing sources of income, reducing expenditures, reorganizing taxes, and facilitating the work of investors.

Regarding the relation with the federal government, The Prime Minister stressed that the Region is always working to establish the best relations with Baghdad to solve all outstanding issues on the basis of the constitution, confirming that Kurdistan fulfilled its promises to reach an agreement that serves the interest of all Iraqi citizens.

He said the salaries should not be used to take pressure on the Region.

“Kurdistan will remain an important factor to the stability of the region; we want friendly relations with neighboring countries and developmental relations with the international community.” Barzani added.

 He also indicated the necessity of continuing cooperation and coordination among all parties to confront terrorism.

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