Kurdistan Presidency provides the Peshmerga with thermographic cameras


Shafaq News/ The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region has equipped all the units of the Peshmerga forces with thermographic cameras, a statement by the Peshmarga Ministry said on Sunday.

The statement said that the representative of the Peshmerga brigades attended a meeting earlier today during which the officers were acquainted with this new technology.

Over the past few weeks, the territory between Saladin, Kirkuk, and the Kurdistan Region was a field of large-scale security operations that forced ISIS remnants sheltering there into the security vacuums that emerged after the withdrawal of the Peshmarga forces in 2017. As a result, ISIS militants waged a series of nocturnal attacks on sites of the federal and Peshmerga forces.

Consequently, the Peshmarga forces Mobilized three brigades and launched a five-axis security operation to clear the contested territories between Baghdad and Erbil from the terrorist organization's remnants.

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