Kurdish MP: Election date is "Inconvenient"


Shafaq News / The parliamentary change movement, considered the election date set by the Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi "Inconvenient" stressing that the elements of success of the elections are still lacking. 

"We support early elections but their success conditions are still lacking. The most prominent of which is the incompleteness of the electoral law, the ambiguity of its electoral divisions, the incomplete formations of electoral commission offices and the absolute partisan dominance over offices in the provinces", Kurdish MP Ghaleb Muhammad told Shafaq News agency.

Mohamed pointed that the Federal Court Law that is responsible for certifying election results, is still stalled according to Article 3 of Order No. 30 of 2005, and called for adoption manual counting instead of electronic, saying that the electronic counting allowed extensive fraud operations previously. Mohamed also proposed to change the date of the elections to Spring or Autumn due to the hot weather during June.

PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced, on Friday, that the elections will be held in the sixth of next June and pledged to provide international supervision over the electoral process.

The international community welcomed and pledged to support Al-Kadhimi's announcement, while the political blocs are still divided over the date of the elections.

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