KRG’s head announces plans to enhance diplomatic representation

KRG’s head announces plans to enhance diplomatic representation

Shafaq News / Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region (KRI), announced on Sunday that his government intends to elevate its diplomatic representation in several countries described as "friendly and important."

This statement was made during the opening of the third annual conference for Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representatives, held in Erbil and scheduled to run for five days.

Barzani stated that "it is gratifying that KRI’s foreign and international relations have developed and expanded significantly in recent years," adding that "the number of consulates and diplomatic missions in KRI is increasing and expanding."

He further elaborated, "Our future program includes increasing the number of KRG representations abroad, in several friendly and important countries that have consulates in the Region, aiming to solidify friendship, as well as economic, cultural, scientific, and academic relations."

Barzani also pointed out that "internationally, KRG has taken very positive steps in this field through high-level delegations visiting countries to Kurdistan or the participation of the Region in international forums and conferences."

He emphasized that "KRI, as a constitutional and legal entity in Iraq, has always represented security and stability, and is keen on achieving the best relations with neighboring countries and the international community in general. Our goal is to develop and strengthen foreign and international relations based on common interests and mutual respect."

Barzani continued, "KRG has proven to be an important and active partner in the international community, attracting the attention of countries worldwide, especially as the Region is stable and a center for peaceful coexistence of various components," affirming that KRI has never posed a threat or danger to any party. "We have always extended the hand of friendship to all countries in the region and the international community in general."

He stressed the necessity of "considering Kurdistan’s common interests with the countries of the region and the world and protecting them, and respecting the sovereignty of KRI and Iraq and not violating it."

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