KRG responds to HRW's report on Bahdinan detainees


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) International Advocacy Coordinator, Dr. Dindar Zebari, issued a press release in response to Human Rights Watch's report on Bahdinan detainees, highlighting KRG's commitment to international treaties, covenants, and charters on Freedom of Press.

Dr. Zebari said in a statement today, Thursday, "Human Rights Watch published today, 22/4/2021, a statement in which it touched upon several issues and made some accusations."

Zebari said, "courts are independent in Kurdistan Region," he continued, "the government will not withdraw legal proceedings, and the detention and apprehension were executed per the orders of the courts."

"Inductees in Bahdinan are charged for espionage," he noted, "the leaked information exposes the lives of high-profile Kurdish and Foreign leaders to danger."

"In court, the defendants had defense lawyers, and they met with them when they were in custody," he added, "the rulings of the court are subject to appeal. The Magistrate has already submitted his documents to the court of Cassation."

"The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) were also in contact with the detainees."

"KRG is entirely committed to the law provisions and the Independent and fair legal process," he stressed, "Freedom of Press is its priority."

"KRG is working with UNAMI and the Higher Commission for Human Rights to ensure that Kurdistan is committed to the International conventions for Human Rights, especially for Press Freedom."

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