KRG: federal government, international community, and UN should take action against Iran, Turkey's attacks


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Wednesday denounced Turkey and Iran's recent attacks on the Kurdistan region as a "violation to the Kurdistan region's sovereignty", calling on the federal government and the international community to take "serious stances" against these repeated aggressions.

A KRG statement said that the cabinet discussed in a meeting today the "repeated violations to the sovereignty of the Kurdistan region and Iraq", dismissing them as a "flagrant infringement of international laws and good neighborliness."

"We extremely condemn these attacks and demand neighboring countries to respect the integrity of Iraq and the Kurdistan region's land," it said.

"The federal government, the international community, and the United Nations should adopt serious stances to put an end to these repeated violations," the statement continued.

The regional government reiterated its "firm position in not allowing any threat to the security of a neighboring country from the region's land."

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