KRG delegation heads to Baghdad


Shafaq News / A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, went to Baghdad on Sunday to continue discussions and reach an agreement on the region's share of the Iraqi public budget for the current year 2021.

The spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister, Samir Hawrami, said in an interview that the visit's aim is to continue talks with the Iraqi Finance Committee and the Iraqi political parties regarding the draft Iraqi General Budget Law 2021, and approve the paragraphs related to the Kurdistan region.

He added that the previous visits of the Kurdish delegation and the meetings with the federal government had explicitly provided all information and databases on oil and non-oil revenues, as well as all disbursements in the region, pointing out that the Kurdish delegation expressed its readiness to reach an agreement based on the constitution.

In December 2020, Baghdad and Erbil concluded an agreement on the 2021 budget. The agreement stipulated that the region delivers 250 thousand barrels per day plus half of the border-crossings and other non-oil revenues to the federal government in exchange for a 12.6% share of the budget.

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