KRG congratulates the Mandaeans Sabians in Iraq


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) congratulated on Saturday the Mandaeans Sabians in the Region and the world on the Bruneia (the feast of creation) holiday.

The Kurdish Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs, Pshtiwan Sadiq said in statement "On the occasion of the Bruneia holiday, I express my blessings to our sisters and brothers and the followers of the Mandaeans Sabians religion in Kurdistan and the world.”

The Mandaeans Sabians in Iraq began celebrating the great feast, Saturday, and it is one of their most important festivals and lasts for several days. Mandaean families usually perform their rituals at the Tigris River.

According to Al-Jazeera, The Mandaean or Sabean community is one of the oldest religions in Iraq, where it extends its roots for more than two thousand years inside Mesopotamia, and the word Sabean is derived from "Saba" meaning to indulge or dive, while the Mandaean or "Manda" is interpreted by knowledge, so they are called those who know the religion of truth or The deliberate, because of their ancient history and their exposure to numerous calamities throughout the time stages, the Mandaeans do not have a written history to talk about their past, as their blogs were destroyed and burned over the years because of the persecution they were subjected to.

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