KDP politburo convenes to contemplate the post-election measures


Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) called for modernizing the governance of Federal Iraq and pursuing the constitution to address unresolved issues.

A statement of the leading Kurdish party that secured 32 seats in the upcoming parliamentary lineup said that the President of the Party, Masoud Barzani, headed a meeting devoted to discussing the post-election phase.

Kurdistan's former President commended the people of the Region's civilized participation in the polls and their support to the KDP that was "previously dedicated to securing their rights, and today works to protect them and their entitlements. The party has a realist vision to govern Iraq on the basis of partnership, consensus, and balance."

"Iraq is in the middle of a critical phase. The KDP believes that the governance of Federal Iraq requires a modern reshape to match the aspirations of its communities and address the unresolved issues."

"Handling those issues from a constitutional perspective might be a motive for stability and social peace," the statement said, referring to Article 140 of the constitution and the unresolved issues between the Regional and Federal Governments.

"This goal needs unity and harmony within the Kurdistan region. Joint action, protecting the higher patriotic and national interests, and realizing unfulfilled rights is the duty of all parties," the statement concluded..

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