KDP and PUK reiterate the need for unity on the anniversary of the February 1st bombing


Shafaq News/ Adnan Al-Mufti, a leader in the Patriotic Union (PUK), said on Monday that the situation in the region and the region is pushing more towards the Kurdish House's unity.

Al-Mufti said in a ceremony on February 1 anniversary, "Today we are in dire need of uniting our ranks, because the unity is an important and urgent necessity, and the closest example: when the Kurds united, they carried out the uprising in 1991."

He added, "The enemies always exploit our differences to weaken us, and today we also need to unite; not because we have a budget problem, but because the region is going through tense and dangerous situations. Parts of Kurdistan are still occupied, and the disputed areas are still suffering from many problems. This is why we must not allow our enemies to exploit our disagreement with Baghdad."

Omid Khoshnaw, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan, said, "We must take lessons from what happened in 2004, and we must know that our enemy is one. We must be united to achieve the goals of those who sacrificed their blood, which mixed despite their different partisan orientations."

On February 1, 2004, 117 people were killed when two suicide bombers attacked the headquarters of the two main Kurdish parties in Erbil.

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