Iran attacks KDP headquarters North of Erbil


Shafaq News/ The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed, on Monday, that the Iranian forces bombed the headquarters of the party using drones and missiles northern the governorate of Erbil, noting that the bombing left great material damage without human casualties.

"The Iranian terrorist army bombed the headquarters of our Peshmerga forces with drones and missiles", Kawa Bahrami, a member of the working body in Kurdistan Democratic Party, told Shafaq News agency.


He explained, "the shelling caused huge damage to one of our camps in the mountains. However, it left no casualties and all members of our Peshmerga forces are safe".


Turkey and Iran have intensified the bombing of border areas in the Region of Kurdistan since last June, causing human and material losses. Both states claim they are targeting Kurdish fighters opposing Ankara and Tehran.


Kurdistan Regional Government has repeatedly condemned the attacks and called on all parties to keep the region away from their conflicts.

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