Investors in Kurdistan Region raise funds for flood victims in Duhok

Investors in Kurdistan Region raise funds for flood victims in Duhok

Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, Muhammed Shukri, the Chairman of the Board of Investment (BOI) in the Kurdistan Region Government, announced that investors had launched a fundraising campaign for the victims of floods and heavy rains that struck Duhok governorate last March.

During the conference, held with Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnaw and Duhok Governor Ali Tatar, Shukri revealed that investors in Erbil and Al-Sulaymaniyah had raised over 1.3 billion dinars (about $1 million) in financial aid for the flood-affected-individuals in Duhok, promising additional assistance.

Notably, the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced, on Sunday, that the wave of rain and floods that struck the Region last week resulted in the deaths of three people and the injury of 13 others, indicating that more than 1500 individuals were relocated to hotels and over 1800 houses were damaged across all cities in Kurdistan.

According to a statement from the Crisis Coordination Center at the ministry, an initial assessment was conducted on the damages and losses caused by the rain wave from March 18-21 in the Region. 

The statement clarified that 764 people were rescued, including 264 from Duhok and 500 from Zakho, while 1579 individuals were transferred to hotels, including 1049 from Duhok and 530 from Zakho. Additionally, 35 people were rescued from drowning in floods, all from Duhok.

Furthermore, the statement noted that a total of 21 houses collapsed, including 17 in Duhok, three in Zakho, and one in Erbil, while the total number of damaged houses reached 1821, including 1315 in Duhok, 410 in Zakho, and 96 in Erbil governorate.

Regarding vehicles, the statement mentioned that a total of 236 cars were affected, including 213 in Duhok and 23 in Zakho. The number of damaged government projects was 15, all in Duhok.

As for affected shops and markets, the statement highlighted that 412 shops were damaged, including 61 in Duhok, 92 shops and one large mall in Zakho, and 259 shops in Erbil. Additionally, there were 33 damaged streets and roads, all in Duhok.

The statement also reported the loss of 400 animals due to drowning.

In terms of financial losses, the statistics estimated the total losses at 64,125,225,000 IQD. Duhok's share amounted to 47,875,000,000 IQD, Zakho's to 15,286,065,000 IQD, and Erbil's to 964,160,000 IQD.

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