Halabja asks for help to confront Covid-19


Shafaq News / The head of the Corona virus control team in Halabja Governorate announced on Friday that the number of infected cases has increased in light of the absence of a budget allocated for the pandemic in the governorate.

Dr. Ibrahim Jihad said in a press conference held today that 50% of the tests have positive results, and that the rate of infections in Halabja is constantly increasing, indicating that "there are only three health personnel in the examination laboratory, and there is no longer the capacity to conduct  more than 300 tests."

He added that any patient who needs blood plasma injection must be sent to Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate, and this is a "big" problem, referring to a request to the Minister of Finance and Economy and the Minister of Health in Kurdistan to allocate a special budget for blood plasma, but “we have not received any Response".

Dr. Ibrahim indicated that "they can only absorb five new people infected with the virus, calling on the regional government to provide medical equipment and supplies to Halabja."

He continued , "If the government does not help us, we will no longer have the ability to continue working and we will resign," directing his speech to the people of the governorate, saying, "Our capacity is limited."

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