Gorran sues a top PUK leading figure


Shafaq News/ Gorran (Change) Movement has filed a lawsuit against the leading figure in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Mulla Bakhtiar, following statements in which he accused the movement of corruption.

Gorran's legal representative, Farman Hussein, told reporters this morning that the movement started legal action against the member of the PUK's politburo over his accusations of taking over a part of the border crossing revenues.

"The movement demands Mr. Bakhtiar to submit documents that prove his allegations to the judiciary," he said, "this is not the first time that Mr. Bakhtiar has made statements against the movement's leaders. The movement had never gone to the judiciary because those were partisan issues. However, this time is different. It is organically linked to the rights of the people, and the movement is keen about going through with this lawsuit."

Gorran's legal representative said the movement is assured that the lawsuit against Bakhtiar would not undermine the" historic" ties between both parties.

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