From Zakho, German diplomat warns of "traffickers lies" about migration to Europe


Shafaq News/ Germany's Consul General in Kurdistan, Klemens Semtner, cautioned against the deception of human traffickers about migration to Europe, urging the people of the Region to invest in their community instead of wasting their assets chasing the "lies of traffickers".

In a joint press conference with the head of the Zakho Independent administration, Gohdar Sheikho, Klemens said that his country has been supporting Iraq and Kurdistan for a long time, "we intend to provide special support to Zakho."

"Over the past few days, we saw tragedic images on the situation at the Belarusian borders. We do not want for the citizens to be a victim of the traffickers and jeopardize their lives there," he said, "the people deceiving you do not want to take you to Europe; they want to put you in the same conditions at those borders."

"Do not believe their lies. Invest your money and efforts here in your hometowns and create a better economy for you in Kurdistan," he concluded.

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