Fierce clashes lead to arrest of drug smugglers in Al-Sulaymaniyah

Fierce clashes lead to arrest of drug smugglers in Al-Sulaymaniyah

Shafaq News/ On Thursday, the Asayish forces in the Kurdistan Region announced the arrest of two drug dealers near Arbat in Al-Sulaymaniyah.

In a report received by Shafaq News Agency, the Asayish Foundation identified the suspects as (AMQ) and (KFA), and were detained in a planned operation on the night of May 20, 2024.

The report stated that the smugglers were attempting to transport 11 kilograms of heroin to the Kurdistan Region and beyond.

Authorities seized all the drugs and apprehended the individuals, who will face charges under Article 26 of the Penal Code.

Notably, the Kurdish Government has intensified efforts to address drug trafficking and addiction, urging cooperation from both Kurdish and international communities to tackle what it termed an "endemic" threat.

Speaking at a conference dedicated to combating drugs and psychotropic substances in Erbil last March, PM Masrour Barzani highlighted the Kurdistan Regional Government's actions to eliminate the proliferation of drugs, calling for collective action to eradicate the root causes of drug-related challenges.

Barzani pointed to armed groups operating in disputed areas between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, as well as along the Region's borders with neighboring countries, as hindrances to Kurdish security forces' efforts in combating drug trafficking. These groups, he noted, exploit security vulnerabilities and impede anti-drug operations.

Despite these challenges, Barzani affirmed the KRG's commitment to combating the drug menace and preventing its escalation.

It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Region currently faces a shortage of rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts, leading to a significant number of users being incarcerated.

The Social Affairs Minister acknowledged the establishment of specialized centers within correctional facilities to address drug addiction but acknowledged the lack of sufficient medical expertise and medication.

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