Erbil's Langa market ravaged by massive fire

Erbil's Langa market ravaged by massive fire

Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, a devastating fire wreaked havoc in Erbil's Langa Market.

Sources reported to Shafaq News Agency that the fire, allegedly triggered by an electrical short circuit, rapidly consumed numerous shops, prompting swift responses from civil defense teams.

The incident unfolded around 7:00 p.m., with eyewitnesses asserting that despite the immediate mobilization of civil defense units, the initial efforts struggled to contain the flames.

Eyewitnesses noted that the fire had spread to approximately 40% of the market's shops before the firefighting teams gained control.

Providing updates during a press conference, Lieutenant Colonel Karwan Ali, spokesman for the Civil Defense Directorate in Erbil, disclosed that more than 20 fire brigades, supported by over 100 firefighters, were deployed to combat the blaze.

"The firefighting operation lasted more than two hours, ultimately succeeding in extinguishing the fire."

Ali expressed concerns over the fire's high-risk nature, as the market contained chemicals and clothing.

Only cases of suffocation were reported, and no injuries were recorded during the incident.

The event rekindles memories of a similar incident in 2018, where a massive fire, also attributed to a short circuit, inflicted substantial damage to the Langa bazaar, affecting numerous businesses.

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