Erbil police arrests four suspects in Farmanbaran incident


Shafaq News/ Police Directorate in Erbil, Capital of Kurdistan Region, announced on Saturday arresting four suspects, including the person involved in the shooting incident in Farmanbaran neighborhood yesterday evening, which caused 3 casualties.

Erbil police spokesman, Hoger Aziz, said in a press conference held at Erbil Directorate building, that the shooter has been arrested and confessed to the crime, adding that the directorate will publish other details upon the completion of investigations.

 Aziz added that three other defendants who involved in the Farmanbaran incident in Erbil, were also arrested.

A security source informed Shafaq News Agency that three teenagers were behind the incident that took place in Farmanbaran neighborhood in the Capital of Kurdistan, Erbil.

 A source said, "A number of reckless teenagers entered last night, under the pretext of hunting pigeons, into Farmanbran neighborhood in Erbil and disturbed the resident".

"The residents confronted the teenagers and a verbal altercation took place between them. The teenagers stormed a house by climbing over the door, killed a young man and wounded two other people", the source continued.

 "The police and Asayish forces launched a search and investigation into those people and they were identified through surveillance cameras", noting that, "they will be arrested as soon as possible".

 The source added, "these confessions will clarify who paid them and what are the goals behind these crimes in return for a handful of dollars".

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