Erbil is preparing for a new round of talks with Baghdad, official confirms


Shafaq News / President of the Diwan of Council of Ministers, Umed Sabah, announced on Wednesday that the regional government is preparing for new discussions with the federal government to implement the general budget law.

In a statement to reporters, Sabah said, "We are preparing for the region's delegation to visit Baghdad again to resume the dialogues," indicating, "this time we will start implementing the talks with Baghdad. We in the Kurdistan Region showed that we are fully prepared to implement the budget law."

He added that "the Prime Minister of the region, Masrour Barzani, sent a letter to the Prime Minister in the federal government, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, in which he expressed full readiness to implement any obligations that fall to the region."

Regarding the region's delegation, Sabah said, "This delegation consists of the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of Finance and Economy, and the Head of the Office of Financial Supervision in the region, and they will hold discussions with the Minister of Oil, the Minister of Finance, and the Head of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau.

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