Erbil demands Ankara to stop cutting trees in the Kurdistan region's border areas


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government expressed dissatisfaction with the Turkish army cutting down trees in the border areas in the region, calling on Ankara to end this matter.

Government spokesman Gotiar Adel said in a statement, "The Kurdistan Regional Government expresses its dissatisfaction with logging and damaging the nature of the Kurdistan Region", adding, "the regional government addressed Ankara with an official letter to stop cutting trees in the border areas."

"The Kurdistan Regional Government confirms again that the presence of the PKK militants in the Kurdistan Region, especially in the border areas, has become a reason for the Turkish forces' incursion and the outbreak of battles and clashes between the two parties."

"That is why we demand respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and not to expose the residents of the region to woes, displacement, and destruction", he pointed out.

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