Erbil Governor: yesterday's attack was targeting the Global coalition forces


Shafaq News/ The head of the local government in Erbil, Umid Khushnaw, said that the attack that hit the Erbil International Airport yesterday was targeting the Global coalition forces. 

 "This is the seventh time that Erbil has been subjected to a terrorist attack and its international airport has been targeted this year," Khushnaw said in a joint press conference with the Minister of Construction and Housing in the region, Sasan Awni, on the sidelines of laying the foundation stone for two service projects in Erbil.

 He stressed that last night's attack was similar to its predecessors, as it was carried out with two drones, and fortunately it was thwarted, although the attack was massive. He noted that the two drones were shot down without causing any human losses.

 The governor attributed the repeated attacks on Erbil to the existence of security gaps in the Kurdish areas, adding that the security agreement should be implemented in the areas between Erbil and Baghdad to consolidate security and stability in Erbil, Mosul, and Kirkuk, "but unfortunately the Iraqi government has not yet implemented the agreement as required."

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