Duhok received more than 100,000 tourists during the first half of 2021


Shafaq News / The Duhok Tourism Directorate in Kurdistan Region announced today that more than one hundred thousand tourists flocked to the governorate during the first half of the current year.

The directorate's media official, Rewar Muhammad, told Shafaq News Agency, "More than twenty thousand tourists visited Duhok last month," noting, "the number of tourists who flocked to the governorate during the current year has reached more than 100,000."

"The absorptive capacity to accommodate tourists in the governorate's hotels and motels is 15,000 people," adding, "the governorate will not be able to accommodate more tourists because there are no places to receive them."

Muhammad pointed out that 15 new tourist sites were opened within the governorate's borders, the most prominent and largest of which are the Duhok Cable Car and the Tourist Complex project in mount Zawa, overlooking Duhok's city center.

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