Duhok asks citizens to commit the health precautions


Shafaq News / The Directorate of Health in Duhok, Kurdistan, announced, on Wednesday, that 157 people infected with Corona epidemic have recovered, in the governorate, which is witnessing an increase in the number of daily infections with the virus.

A statement by the Directorate received by Shafaq News agency stated that the number of people recovering throughout the governorate reached 2,209, while 4,155 cases remained under health care.

The statement warned citizens that the spread of the virus in the governorate remarkably will lead to major health problems, calling for adherence to health directives, staying away from gatherings and applying social distancing to the maximum.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-9, 34,230 people have been infected with the virus throughout the region, 21,556 have made a full recovery and 1,265 patients have died.

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