Duhok: COVID-19 caseload overwhelms the capacity of the healthcare system


Shafaq News/ A local official in Duhok in Kurdistan Region of Iraq warned, on Tuesday, of a "poor health situation" in the governorate after the recent COVID-19 case count surge.

The supervisor of hospitals admitting COVID-19 patients in the governorate told Shafaq News agency, that the current stage that Duhok is going through is quite sensitive. There are 12 critical cases in hospitals, while 5 patients had passed away already.


He added, "the caseload overwhelmed the capacity of Duhok hospitals", noting, "we rely now on two hotels and a private hospital to house mild cases".


The supervisor attributed the caseload surge to, "the lack of compliance of citizens with preventive measures".


It is noteworthy that the Duhok Governorate registered on Monday, 60 new cases, bringing the total number of inpatients to 337, while the total number of recoveries reached 376.

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