Covid-19: Let us take responsibility together in Erbil


Shafaq News / One Erbil’s districts, today, Tuesday, called the population to commit the health measures to confront the outbreak of Covid-19, warning them of "gatherings."

"In order to preserve your health and the health of others, please limit visits, gatherings, and socializing with others as much as possible," Rami Nuri shayawes, director of the Ankawa sub-district in Erbil, said in a tweet.

Directing to the citizens, he added "If you find that you have to go out, there is absolutely need to wearing a mask and using medical sterilizers," calling "anyone who feels the corona virus symptoms should do self- quarantine and following the doctor's instructions in order to preserve others."

He continued, “Each of us is responsible to himself and to others so Let us take responsibility together to overcome this crisis."

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region announced that 348  new cases had been recorded, of which 244 in Erbil.

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