Captured in al-Sulaymaniyah, Turkey's intelligence brings a senior PKK commander to Turkey


Shafaq News/ Turkey has captured a senior commander of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in transborder intelligence action, Turkish media said on Tuesday.

The PKK commander, identified as Ramazan Gunes and codenamed "Sores/Soresger," was apprehended in northeastern Iraq and moved across the borders to Turkey.

The Turkish National Intelligence Agency had been monitoring Gunes for nearly a year and located him in Iraq's governorate of Suleymaniyah, the state-owned Anadolu news agency said.

Reports said Gunes was involved in a series of 12 attacks attributed to the PKK/KCK between 2011 and 2017 in the Cukurca district of Hakkari province in southeastern Turkey.

These attacks, according to the aforementioned reports, resulted in the death of 57 soldiers, a policeman, and two village guards.

Gunes, who joined the group in 2008, is said to have operated in the Hakkari province, as well as in Iraq and Syria for several years.

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