CTG: Four rockets targeted Zlikan base and Peshmerga sites


Shafaq News/ The Counter-Terrorism Group in the Kurdistan Region said that an attack launched from an area controlled by "the federal government and militias" targeted a Peshmerga site and a Turkish military base today, Sunday. 

The Group said in a statement that the attack occurred at 2:30 pm local time, noting that four rockets were launched from the borders separating Al-Tahrir neighborhood, north of Mosul, and Bashiqa, within the area controlled by the Iraqi government and militias.

The statement noted that the rockets' targets were the Peshmerga's point and the Zlikan military base.

Two rockets landed near the second regiment of the 112th Brigade of the Peshmerga forces, while two others landed near Qadad village near the Zilkan base, according to the statement.

No casualties were recorded.

Shafaq Live
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