COVID-19 slams a major Ministry in Kurdistan: revenues declined to 70%


Shafaq News/ The Minister of Municipalities and Tourism in Kurdistan, Sasan Awni, said that his ministry's revenues dropped to 70% last year with COVID-19 weighing on the region's economy.

In a statement at a revenue organization conference held by the ministry today, Awni said, "in 2020, due to the outbreak of the virus, we went through tough conditions. This matter caused a decrease in internal financial revenues in the region," stressing, "the revenues of some government institutions have reached their lowest level."

"Despite this, the ministry has continued its work in providing services,"

he continued, " the Kurdistan Regional Government spared no effort to conduct reform in various sectors and fields," indicating, " the Ministry of Municipalities will work within this frame to achieve revenues and provide services."

Iraq is plunged into the worst economic crisis since 2003. The oil-rich state is struggling to pay debts and salaries as the pandemic-driven plummeting oil prices are have taken a toll on the already trembling economy.

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