COVID-19: 30 fatalities and 793 new cases in Kurdistan today


Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Region announced registering today 30 fatalities, 793 new cases and 368 recoveries today.


A statement of the ministry said that during the past 24 hours, it conducted 5443 examinations, 793 of which were positive. The confirmed cases were distributed among the governorates as follows:


Erbil 297


Al-Sulaymaniyah 111


Duhok 330


Halabja 27


The ministry said that 368 patients were recovered, distributed as follows:


Erbil 104


Al-Sulaymaniyah 17


 Garmyan 33


Duhok 180


Halabja 34



The mortalities were registered in:


Erbil 4


Al-Sulaymaniyah 12


Garmyan 1


Raperin 6


Duhok 7



The statement added that the total recovery cases since the outbreak of the virus has amounted to 32746 while the total number of confirmed cases has reached 51870. The death toll has reached 1877.

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