COVID-19: 24 deaths and 589 new cases in Kurdistan region today


Shafaq News / 24 deaths and 589 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the past 24 hours in Kurdistan region, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health. 

The ministry said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency that it had conducted 5,636 new examinations in the past 24 hours, distributed as follows: 1774 in Erbil, 782 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 176 in Garmyan, 2870 in Duhok and 34 Halabja.

The results of 589 samples came positive, distributed as follows among the region's governorates: 233 in Erbil, 175 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 31 in Garmyan, 130 in Duhok and 20 in Halabja.

336 patients have achieved full recovery, 110 of whom were in Erbil, 21 in Al-Sulaymaniyah, 22 in Garmyan, 171 in Duhok and 12 in Halabja.

The statement said that the ministry registered 6 deaths in Erbil, four in Al-Sulaymaniyah, two in Garmyan, three in Raperin, eight in Duhok and one in Halabja. The death toll for this day in the region amounted to 24 cases.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the region since the outbreak of the pandemic in Kurdistan Region has amounted to 55,745; 34,880 of which have recovered completely, 18,873 are still under treatment and 1992 passed away from the complications of the disease.

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