COVID-19: 14 fatalities and 507 new cases in Kurdistan today


Shafaq News / The Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Region registered, on Thursday, 14 COVID-19 fatalities in one day.


In a statement received by Shafaq News agency, the ministry said 2522 tests were performed, 507 among which showed positive results, and were distributed as follows:


244 Erbil


Al-Sulaymaniyah 70; Garmyan 28; Raperin 59


92 Duhok


14 Halabja


The statement indicated that the cases of recovery amounted to 132 cases, distributed as follows:


89 Erbil




9 Halabja


While the mortality cases were distributed as follows:


6 Erbil


Al-Sulaymaniyah 5; Garmyan 1


2 Duhok


The total number of confirmed cases registered since the beginning of the outbreak reached 16084, while the total number of recoveries became 9843. The death toll is 611.

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