Barzani to Turkey and PKK: Respect our constitutional entity


Shafaq News / Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani confirmed that the Iraqi borders are witnessing violations from all directions, pointing out that the presence of Kurdistan Workers Party is the main cause behind the Turkish incursion into the territory of the region.

In a TV interview with multiple media channels, Barzani said in response to a question about the 35 years history of Turkish-Kurdish conflict and Turkish incursions and attacks, Barzani said, "It deplorable, as such events happen all the time, not only in the borders areas of Kurdistan region, but also in all border areas in Iraq. There is continuous external interference in Iraq and the violation of Iraq's sovereignty continues. We hope that this will end soon".

He also said that the reason for Turkey's incursion into these border areas is Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Barzani cleared that Wars destroyed these areas in 1991 and after 2003 and the regional government was unable to reach these areas due to the presence of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and its conflict with Turkey, indicating that this prevented civilians from returning to their villages.

Barzani called on all neighboring countries, if they had problems with their opponents, to keep all their problems away from the borders of the region and not to settle their accounts at the expense of Kurdistan Region and Iraq. He expressed his belief that the reason for the Turkish incursion was the presence of the Kurdistan Workers Party.

He wished that Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) would respect the constitutional entity of the Kurdistan Region, "because we made huge sacrifices and fought for many years in order to liberate these areas", stressing that respecting the administrative authority in Kurdistan Region is a condition for all parties who are guests in the Region.

Barzani stressed that Kurdistan region and any part of Iraq should not be used to harm neighboring countries, expressing the desire for Iraq to have good relations based on mutual respect of good-neighborliness.

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