Baghdad and Erbil to finalize the normalization agreement of Sinjar


Shafaq News / The Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government stated on Thursday that he will visit Baghdad tomorrow to finalize the normalization agreement in Sinjar, the stronghold of the Yazidi Kurds in the northeast of Nineveh Governorate. 

ISIS invaded Sinjar district in 2014 and committed a massacre against its residents, before the Peshmerga forces recaptured it the following year.

However, the Iraqi army backed by Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi invaded the region due to the tension between the region and the federal government against the backdrop of the independence referendum in 2017.

Moreover, the Iraqi authorities appointed new officials in the district instead of the elected ones who left Duhok when the Iraqi forces advanced.

There are currently two local governments for Sinjar, one of which was appointed by the federal government authorities, while the second represents an elected government, which operates from Duhok governorate.

Additionally, a PKK faction was formed in the governorate, called Sinjar Protection Units, and receives salaries from the Iraqi government as a faction supported by Al-Hashd.

Kurdistan workers reject repeated calls from the Region to leave the areas subjected Turkish attacks, which impedes the return of tens of thousands of displaced Yazidis to their homes.

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