Asayish thwarts multiple attacks in Kurdistan region

Asayish thwarts multiple attacks in Kurdistan region

Shafaq News / The Security Council - Asayish - in Kurdistan Region said on Monday that its departments thwarted three attacks in Kurdistan region, including plans by Kurdistan Worker's Party.

A statement by the council stated, "In a special operation, two sets of attacks were planned to take place, one of which was carried out by Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). After extensive investigation, a group of 12 people was arrested. The group was planning to carry out assassinations and attacks on consulates and private companies. After following these groups for months, we were able to save the lives of many and arrest some suspects, including two Syrians. The group planned for an attack on a major Western brand in Kurdistan. The security forces spotted the group and intercepted it, in an operation that lasted more than four months".

"We are seeking more assistance from international law enforcement partners through Interpol, and we hope that this will lead to additional arrests in an appropriate time", he added.

"The targets of the attacks have been informed, and all necessary countermeasures and precautions were taken to ensure the safety of diplomats and foreign businessmen in the Kurdistan Region", he said.

As for the second group, the statement stated, "In the process that lasted more than a year, a group of eight people, all Iraqi citizens, was arrested. They planned to assassinate a governor in the region and carry out other operations in Kurdistan in general and Duhok in particular, as it planned to target governmental agencies and property".

The statement added that a third group was intercepted as a result of an ongoing anti-espionage operation. The police arrested 7 suspects, all of them Iraqis. The group was a part of a network that was established several years ago to collect information about the intelligence services, military apparatus, buildings and affiliated employees.

He added, "The process is underway to arrest the others. They planned to assassinate a senior intelligence official and a judge, and the group exchanged information with some parties, including Kurdistan Workers Party".

The statement concluded, "These operations demonstrate the constant threat to peace and stability in our region and the effective response of our security forces. We will not tolerate any acts of violence against foreign diplomats or companies in Kurdistan Region".

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