An American official expected to visit the Kurdistan Region to resume the Kurdish negotiations

An American official expected to visit the Kurdistan Region to resume the Kurdish negotiations

Shafaq News / A source revealed an upcoming visit of the Deputy US Special Envoy for Syria, David Brownstein, to the Kurdistan Region, to meet with Kurdish officials as part of the American effort to resume Kurdish negotiations in Syria.

The source told Shafaq News agency, "the US deputy envoy will discuss with regional officials political and security issues at the level of Syria and the region."

For his part, a leading source from the Kurdish National Council told Shafaq News agency, "the Kurdish National Council has not met the SDF commander and the deputy American envoy since their last meeting on March 13th."

The resumption of negotiations between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties has stalled in Syria since the beginning of last February, after many of the Kurdish Council's headquarters were subjected to sabotage, burning and shooting by the "revolutionary youth" group of the Democratic Union Party last December, According to many statements issued by the Kurdish National Council.

The Democratic Union Party dominates the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria.

Last January, Aldar Khalil, head of the delegation of the National Unity Parties, described in his statements the "Rojava Peshmerga" forces as mercenaries and agents of Turkey, to declare during a media appearance that the agreement with the Kurdish National Council is "a betrayal of the blood of the martyrs."

The sources told Shafaq News Agency in early February, "the Kurdish National Council told the deputy American envoy and the commander of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, that there will be no resumption of negotiations without the Democratic Union presenting an official apology for the abuse that Aldar Khalil directed to the Peshmerga forces, and put an end to the violations of the Democratic Union.

Khalil is a member of the joint presidency of the Democratic Union Party, which is facing accusations of monopolizing power and clamping down on the rest of the Kurdish parties in the Autonomous Administration region in northeastern Syria.

The Rojava Peshmerga forces consist of the Syrian Kurds who defected from the Syrian government army, and others who voluntarily joined these forces and received military training in the Kurdistan region. They are considered the military wing of the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

The opposition Kurdish National Council in Syria (which includes 16 parties) and the Kurdish national unity parties (which includes 25 parties and a political movement) engaged in negotiations under American auspices in the Autonomous Administration area in northeastern Syria, and the supervision of Abdi, at the beginning of last April, to unite the ranks of the Kurds in Syria.

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