Al-Sulaymaniyah prepares to host the International Literature Festival


Shafaq News / The Department of Culture and Arts in al-Sulaymaniyah announced organizing the first session of the International Literature Festival in al-Sulaymaniyah, the cultural capital of the Kurdistan Region.

The Director-General of Culture and Arts in al-Sulaymaniyah, Mohsen Adib, said during a press conference that the festival will start on December 26 until December 29.

"A large number of writers, poets and researchers have been invited, and the festival will be attended by 28 senior writers and researchers from major contemporary poets and researchers from different generations, to create a balance between young and senior writers."

He pointed out that one of the festival's goals is to introduce the literary world to people that did not have the opportunity to shine, as well as to help women in this field to be known and heard.

Adeeb explained, "The invitations were extended to all poets in the four parts of Kurdistan equally to allow all Kurdish writers to participate in the festival."

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