Al-Sulaymaniyah employees' on strike protesting tardy stipends


Shafaq News/ State departments' employees in al-Sulaymaniyah announced strike protesting salaries backlog, holding the federal and regional governments the responsibility of the "tough" current situation.

A source in the federal government directorates told Shafaq News agency, "We, as directorates affiliated with the federal government, with an estimated count of 5,000 employees, announce our strike against delaying salaries and deducting them."

"Due to its problems with the regional government, Baghdad did not pay the employees' salaries for more than two months and 15 days now, and intends to deduct 21% of them."

"A two months delay means a deduction of 50%. Our life has been affected and we are facing a major financial crisis. We will strike and demand receiving our uncut salaries, and we hold the responsibility to the federal government and the regional government."

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