Al-Sulaymaniyah contractors: KRG owes us three trillion dinars 


Shafaq News/ Kurdistan's Union of Contractors in al-Sulaymaniyah said on Thursday that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) owes the Union three trillion dollars, indicating that

The head of al-Sulaymaniyah office in the Union, Naji Sheikh Ezdeen, in a press conference that many projects were halted and many companies shut because the government did not disburse their entitlements.

"More than 4000 projects had been halted since 2014. Currently, more than 2500 projects have not been implemented," he added, "the government owes the contractor nearly three trillion dinars."

"Oil prices in the global markets rose, and the Region's financial revenues increased. The government shall pay the debts they owe to the contractors for seven years," he noted, "the government allocated funds for new projects while it did not pay for the old unfinished projects."

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