Al-Sulaymaniyah: civil organizations discuss drafting a civil constitution in Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ Al-Sulaymaniyah hosted today, Thursday, representatives of civil society organizations and specialists in constitutional law over a conference to discuss drafting a civil constitution for the Kurdistan Region.

The supervisor of the conference, Kamal Ashraf, told Shafaq News Agency, "the purpose of this conference is to allow everyone to participate in drafting a constitution that guarantees the rights of everyone in Kurdistan."

"The conference is being held today, and it will cover three approaches. The first is the civil society approach, the second is the parliament's approach, and the third will be presented by the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government. The topics will cover the political system in the region, drafting a constitution that meets the aspirations of the citizens, and maintains the independence of the Region."

"Civil society organizations started a movement recently. They called for endorsing the independence of the judiciary, freedom of speech, and freedom of belief. Those demands lay the ground for a civil system that guarantees equal rights for everyone."

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