A rocket landed near an American Base in Erbil, Erbil police says


Shafaq News / Erbil Police Directorate reported that a rocket landed near a base of the American troops stationed near Erbil International Airport. 

In a brief statement received by Shafaq News agency, the police said that a rocket landed near a US forces base located near Erbil Airport.

The statement added that it launched an investigation to reveal the circumstances of the incident. However, there is no solid information as multiple conflicting reports emerged about the attack in Erbil.

Unconfirmed preliminary information indicated that multiple rockets landed near the headquarters of a Kurdish party that opposes to Iran, in the vicinity of Erbil airport. Other information reported that the American Patriot batteries neutralized three rockets near Erbil airport.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish leader, Hoshyar Zebari, confirmed in a tweet that three rocket attacks took place tonight on near sites of the Iranian opposition in the vicinity of Erbil airport.

He added that this is another escalation to destabilize security in Iraq and Kurdistan by the same groups that attack the US convoys and embassy in Baghdad. Zebari demanded putting an end to these actions.

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