A protester was killed in Al-Sulaymaniyah


Shafaq News / A man is killed on Wednesday when protesters attacked security forces in Chamchamal district in Al-Sulaymaniyah. Eyewitnesses told Shafaq News Agency.

Protesters set fire to the government's headquarters in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate today Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses told Shafaq News Agency that crowd of several people gathered in Al-Sulaymaniyah and lit fire to government headquarters and the Change Movement headquarters in Chamchamal.

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in and around Al-Sulaimaniyah for several days demanding their salaries and criticizing Kurdish parties which control the Al-Sulaimaniyah area.

The regional government has been hit by a nationwide economic crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen Iraq’s oil revenues slashed.


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