Kuwait doubts the remains of its captives in Iraq

Kuwait doubts the remains of its captives in Iraq

Shafaq News / Kuwaiti Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations ,Nasser Al-Hain said that it is not possible to be certain about the images circulated in social media of remains found in Iraq and said to belong to Kuwaiti captives  only after the transfer of these remains to Kuwait and make a genetic examination on them.

Al-Hain said in a press statement that the General Department of Criminal Evidence of the Ministry of Interior is concerned with examining the remains through the process of identifying all remains through the genetic database of the captives .

He added that finding these remains had been previously issued a statement on January 30, 2020 from the Tripartite Commission on the Issue of Kuwait, chaired by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which included the announcement of the finding of the aforementioned burial site and the removal of the remains from it.

Al-Hain explained that there are work rules and a signed protocol by the members of this commission regarding searches for burial sites and dealing with the remains that are found, indicating that this site had information about it with other burial sites in the same area previously announced and the removal of remains from them.

He stated that this site was included in the agenda of the sub-technical committee that decided to dig it according to procedures, mechanisms, rules and work protocol in this regard, which is raising the remains and transporting them to the Iraqi forensic medicine department for examination.

Al-Hain noted that if there are initial positive indications that they belong to Kuwaiti captives , they will be transferred under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross to Kuwait for genetic examination at the General Department of Forensic Evidence in the Ministry of Interior.

Kuwait says that the number of its missing captives  since 1990, when the Iraqi army entered Kuwait, reached 320, while Iraq said that more than 5 thousand Iraqis are still missing since that year.

Baghdad and Kuwait resumed their relations in 2003, following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime by international forces led by the United States.

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