Would the CF dismiss Al-Sudani from the premiership?

Would the CF dismiss Al-Sudani from the premiership?

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, informed political sources revealed to Shafaq News Agency a difference between the leaders of the Shiite Coordination Framework (CF) and Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia'a al-Sudani.

The sources, who preferred to stay anonymous for the sensitivity of the information explained that the disagreement is due to the “unilateral decisions of al-Sudani, to follow up on the current crisis.”

“Al-Sudani took several decisions without discussing them with the leadership body of the Framework, which angered CF leaders including Nuri al-Maliki."

The sources revealed that Al-Sudani was informed before of the necessity to discuss any decision with the CF leaders and to resolve quickly the increase in the dollar rates in the local market.

“Any decline in the economic and living conditions would affect the the voter turnout for Framework forces, especially since Iraq will hold early parliamentary elections and governments councils elections.” The sources pointed out.

If Al-Sudani would continue his unilateral decisions, the Framework leaders would stop supporting and politically protecting him, which would lead to dismissing him from his office. The sources warned.

It is worth noting that PM Al-Sudani had been nominated for the role by the Iran-backed Shia Coordination Framework, now the largest parliamentary bloc.

Al-Sudani’s nomination by the Coordination Framework on July 25 had sparked some of the largest protests in the capital Baghdad since last election, with al-Sadr supporters breaching the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad and storming the country’s parliament to demand the withdrawal of al-Sudani’s nomination.

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